War Memorials

Beccles War Memorial.

Beccles and the villages built war memorials to remember those who fell during the war, some also provided commemorative plaques to those who served in the armed forces. Most of these memorials were created during 1920 and 1921. Nationally the Government had suggested that villages, towns and cities keep items and information that allowed future generations to remember what people had gone through during the war. Initially the plan was to display items in a national museum, and then any remaining items would be kept locally. Beccles certainly recorded key information right from the start of the war, displaying boards outside the Town Hall listing those who served. These boards formed the 'Roll of Honour' which was published in an A5 booklet in 1920, and it was this information that was the starting point for the Museum project. Below you will find more information on how each of the villages and Beccles commemorated the people who fought and died in the Great War.

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