Details of Enlisted Men

There are some 2500 names in the database and they are all very personal stories that mean a lot to the families involved. However if you are a causal viewer here a few few names that may be of more general interest: Edwin Pipe, whose life was brought to an untimely end by the war; Captain John Ashley who served with the Royal Naval Brigade and whose experiences read like a boys own adventure; and Albert J Mickleburgh who often wrote to the East Suffolk Gazette about his experiences during the war. As well as the service men there are a few entries that mention women, mostly nurses who were given awards but two others that may be of interest: Mrs Gartside Tipping who was killed in France, and Ivy Mitchell a muntions worker in Beccles who was awarded an OBE.

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  • Road Name/Village is where the person was living in at the time they enlisted.
  • The Regiment/Service name is the one the person served in at enlistment.
  • The Rank is the most senior rank attained.
  • The Year of Enlistment and the Year of Death can be 'from' a year, 'to' a year or by using both fields 'between' a range of years.
  • The database only has Enlistment data for about half of the entries so care should be taken when using this information.