World War 1 Information

Recruiting Poster (BSBM 1984-744).

It is perhaps understandable that looking back at the events of 1914-1918 the focus tends to fall on the service men and what they were doing at the time. There will be many organizations with greater resources than our museum looking at the events leading up to the war, the battles that took place and the consequences to the country and the world of the war. So our museums focus will be on much more local matters. We will of course research what the men of Beccles and the surrounding villages did during the war but also look at the effects of the war on those people who remained at home. The 1914-1918 war was a truly world war and all the people to a greater or lesser extent were involved in it one way or another. Many of the records that were used in collecting the information displayed on this web site come either from Beccles Borough Council records or the East Suffolk Gazette, the local paper of the time. They give a fascinating insight into how the people organized themselves, how they coped with the worries and shortages of the war, and how they supported the men and women who served in the forces. The "Overview" is an article created for the Beccles Twinning Association who exchanged similar pieces of work with Petit Couronne in France, and Ahlem in Germany.

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